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    International Business Development

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    Portuguese Speacking Countries

    4 Continents.

    Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Guiné Equatorial, Moçambique, Portugal, São Tomé e Príncipe & Timor-Leste.

    Meet Our Team


We are specialist in international business development...

Enabling New Business.

We support companies in their markt entry strategy in CPLP countries. We make sure they acces the right resources for their entrepreneurial projects in these new markets. Our role is a facilitator of business, helping the understanding of culture, needs, hidden barriers and nature of the market.

Marketing Research.

We performe compreensive Market Research wich allows companies, prior to their market entry, to adapt products and servicess with the right Marketing Mix. We work with leading Universities in the CPLP countries that provides access to local market knowledge as well connection to industry and retail experters. We perform Market Competitive Intelligence.

Key Account Management.

We apply our 20 years of experience in Sales and International Account Management to support foreign companies on CPLP markets. We have a state of art modern office ready for global reach including the use of professional Sugar C.R.M. database services and SPSS for Market Research.

Operations Management.

We have an flexible and lean business model, capable to work in diferent environments. We ready for intensive travelling and temporary relocation in foreign markets. We committed to your company sucess, vision and objectives and performe as your external team player.

HD Video on Lync, Skype & Hangouts Calls.

Based in Oporto, our modern office, is a flexible, lean and efficient option in outsourcing services.


We originaly are a Startup from Switzerland...

Baseland, 2012.

CPLP Countries are a community of Portuguese speaking markets that represents more than 250 million people, more than 4% of the world's population. Portugal can be a bridge to access these consumers.

Being a Portuguese, gives us with this incredible cultural heritage of a commun language with so many countries. As former Sales Coordinator for South Europe and Latin America in a leading Swiss Trading company, I was in charge of making the sucessfull bridge to cultural diferent markets, wich I did for so many companies from Zurich, Jura Region, Zug and Basel.

The CHF crises make it clear for me that I would be sucessfull by continuing providing this services based in Portugal, in a more cost eficient environment, still giving a competitive edge to companies wanting our services. We currently provide services to Swiss, European and Brasilien companies, based in Portugal, travelling and being face to face with our clients in their headquarters in Switzerland and Europe.

Key Account Management 100%
Market Research 90%
Marketing Consulting 65%
International Travelling 35%
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Vĩtor Pinheiro

Founder & Director
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Alexandra Cunha

Back Office
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Solange Moraes

Consultant São Paulo, Brazil


Some of our projects in the past 10 years...

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São Paulo, Brazil.

Lived several month in São Paulo where I networked in the retail, industrial imports, export. Attended major trade fairs.

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Continental Campinas, Brazil

Continental at Campinas is a leading automotive industrial production unit, was my client during several years.

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Le Bourget Air Show, Paris

Networking with leading Aeronautic and military companies wich resolted in the business with Sagem Defence, Eurocopter and others.

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TMG Group, Portugal

Biggest Textil Group in Europe. Was for more than 8 years sales director for several business segments.

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Swiss Trading Company, Baseland.

Most important trading company in the world for precision turned parts for MetdTech, Military, Automotive and Hydraulic industries. Was Sales Coordinator for South Europe and Latin America for 3 years. Startup my own company at launchlabs.ch and Startup-academy.ch Switzerland.

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Oak Brand Launch, Berlin.

Was lead project manager for a Startup of a new Brand in Europe, backup by a Portuguese leading Industrial Group at the Be in Berlin Fashion Event. Active in Fashion Show, Trade Fairs, International Retail and Branding.